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veuzi wrote (edited )

"In socialism you can be miserable at work for 8 hours a day but it's okay because your socialist bosses give you boring TV programming and propaganda. And if you still don't like it, you can always join The Party™"


idkalice wrote

sounds like capitalism to me


Jordan1 wrote

wtf i still have to work 8 hours. this isn't my revolution


Rat wrote

Educated from birth for restaurant work.


idkalice wrote (edited )






__0 wrote

“Campaigning is illegal”

As someone who has done political campaigning, which mostly entailed being paid talking to people about political issues on the street, how would you even dissuade that? There are already places where political parties just use volunteers… are people supposed to just read the platform and campaign promises of the huge percentage percentage of the population that is potentially running for some sort of position of power? Most of that post doesn’t make sense, lmao


__0 wrote

Also in a world where communities have high level of participation in local politics especially where the media machine doesn’t have the incentive and ties to politics i doubt that television is going to be pumping out 24hr political propaganda lmao, especially at a nice restaurant where i’m sure people would rather enjoy socializing or just eating in peace.

But this also even more laughably the poster doesn’t really do any class analysis of any of the situation, I doubt they are even familiar with marxism, to not bring up the obvious relationship between dining and class is… uhh… not particularly marxist of them. This is literally a caricature of socialism from someone who is not familiar with socialism in theory or in practice. You cant tell me this is a marxist perspective because there was little to no class reductionism.

A socialist restaurant would not look or function like a capitalist one, and probably wouldn’t exist in any recognizable form. Any real marxist, anarchist, or restaurant employee could probably tell you.


CaptainACAB wrote (edited )

Already existing socialist systems

While most socialists are mind-mindbogglingly defensive about these systems, even they admit that they're a compromise (realpolitik and all that) and not, like, the actual end goal; whether you think that that's just lip service or genuine, it's not a very inspiring "vISioN OF ThE fUTuRE", whether you're trying to do a communist circlejerk or sway curious minds.

Way to fumble the ball with the image of another boring dystopia.

People are generally polite to you during your work day. They are, after all, your comrades

Least believable part, honestly.


Fool wrote

People are generally polite to you during your work day. They are, after all, your comrades

Least believable part, honestly.

Social credit does wonders, they're all too scared of infringement of politeness laws.