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fortmis wrote

get chomsky online and then we'll know what he REALLY thinks!


subrosa OP wrote

Why did AK Press decide to make Chomsky an anarchist? How are we still dealing with the aftermath?


Ilonka wrote

The retired multimillionaire Professor Noam Chomsky, Phd., totally engages with the 'real world' as it exists today.


monday wrote

I wish I was a perianal anarchist, sounds fun..

Seriously op, besides f/shruglifesyndicate what else should I follow on reddit? (Or maybe I made a mistake and need to delete my recent cretaed account)


subrosa OP wrote

r/shruglifesyndicate is long past its prime. I used to hang out on r/sorceryofthespectacle and r/DimensionalJumping fwiw.

Idk, maybe I've 'outgrown' reddit, but right now I don't have any too nice words about that place.