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ziq wrote

Hmmmmm I think I'll go with chocolate but drenched with a thick strawberry sludge. That way, when cool older cousin reveals the car we're riding in is stolen, I can call big brother to gulag the fucker.


andro wrote

Or just annex his car, house, and everything else when he is no longer useful.


Majrelende wrote (edited )

Just like choosing ice cream flavours: bergamot or poison hemlock. One is gentle, the other is harsh. In the end, it doesn't matter; it's just ice cream, and either way, you'll die sooner or later.


existential1 wrote

Didn't specify if the ice cream was vegan, but Marxists like industry, so I'm sure they're cool with Killin cows for food and stuff as long as the proletariat does it.


subrosa wrote

Stirner said community is a spook too, by the way.

is what had me heading out.


tuesday OP wrote (edited )

This particular interaction has me feeling gaslit. I'm so confused.

How does someone say that it's goofy that anarchists support Rojava (which is true) and also suggest that anarchists can support Marxism, which is built on the idea of a transitional state?


ziq wrote (edited )

It's a basic misunderstanding of Marx's concept of the state. He made a habit of inventing his own conflicting definitions for words. Or they do understand it and just willfully pretend to be anti-state when they're not by any definition we understand. Either way, they're an entryist. Trying to push Marxism as anarchy is coercive af.


GoddamnedVoodooMagic wrote

Yeah, if one flavor was delicious vanilla (anarchy), and the other is literal dogshit (Marxism)


Fool wrote

... Marxitarians, Nom, Nom, Nom.

Eat the Marxists!



when_you_sleep wrote

this has to be the worst analogy i've seen in years, like i've seen 5 year olds say stuff that makes more sense than whatever this is


asterism wrote

"Marxism is like the Big Brother"

I agree.