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roanoke9 wrote

I like the "can you hunt enough to provide for thousands?" as if the ratio of abled to disabled were one abled to thousands of disabled while also implying the disabled are going to be contributing nothing. And this while claiming OTHERS are being ableist. Also assumes hunting will be the primary means of obtaining food.


ziq OP wrote

do they assume everything that isn't anarcho-communism is primitivism?


__0 wrote

Damn, I hate this shit.


subrosa wrote

I remember being 15

You'd think anarchists would be real tired of that sort of response.


lettuceLeafer wrote

subrosa you're a bad anarchist because you need to grow up and get a job. Bonus points if you act serious, stop having fun, get a haircut, take a shower and start being fiscally responsible. Until you grow up and get a job and stop having fun you can't rebel against the system properly.


CaptainACAB wrote

Peep that casual misogynist lingo, tho.

Such a visceral reaction to people committing the heinous crime of...following the anarchist past time of rejecting political structures wholesale.

Not my fault politics, morality, and 'objective values' don't real.


veuzi wrote (edited )

Noooo but you must be a world-builder! You must account for every possible function of society, and expect it to work as intended! Why won't you give me your political and economic program and answer every one of my follow-up questions? How do you expect me to think for myself?


LostCause wrote

Wow that‘s pretty sad, close to the reaction I get if I use the word Anarchism with liberal or conservative people. It‘s always either „edgy kiddie“ or „how will you do literally anything without someone forcing you to?“.


lentils wrote

Not believing in politics is ableist but wanting to preserve systems designed just for non-disabled people isn’t?


ShadesPath wrote

I have a very strong suspicion that the folks there see different anarchisms as singular final solutions instead of as tools with different purposes that we can use to build up something new from the then-dead society.