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__0 wrote

If coercive authority is required in crisis then it sounds like we are stuck with fascism forever … what we have been seeing for ages is the manufacturing of and manipulation of crisis for political gain, it’s a political tale as old as time …

You can justify any authority using that premise, convenient isn’t it.


ziq OP wrote

We need to oppress the shit out of unevolved science deniers until they learn about good authority.


Fool wrote

Oh great... I'm not getting involved in a religious war.


vos wrote

These anarcho-leftists are just the "anarchist" equivalent of the communist vanguard


CaptainACAB wrote

We'd have anarchy without dissent; no one would have any reason to deny the collective its actions if we simply "evolved" into eusociality.

Damn, they got Marxism in my anarchy.

Now I have to throw it away and start from scratch; maybe I should sprinkle the individualism in before anything else?


fingerkuppe wrote (edited )

'large scale', 'educated population', 'conditions required by communism', 'human evolution', 'legitimate authority', 'necessary coercion', 'humankind', 'tendency to authority'...

Bullshit buzzword bingo?