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TheNerdyAnarchist wrote

Positive. Karma.

In an anarchist sub.

I'm gonna go beat my face into the wall for a few minutes.


ruinsociety wrote

Who started that whole justified/unjustified hierarchy/authority? Was it Chomsky? They have caused many people to be ignorant about anarchism.


LittleHelp wrote

I think what they are saying is that the Queen was potentially really bad and not justified but a truly justified Anarcho Supreme Leader would be great (bc, I assume, we could put them on anarcho trial and throw them in anarcho prison if they oppress us the wrong way..?)


CaptainACAB wrote

I hope OP actually got their request fulfilled in some way.

If I can't count on an online community of anarchists to list the abuses committed by literal sovereigns on an individual basis, something's wrong.


Majrelende wrote

I don't suppose they are saying anything at all.