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veuzi wrote (edited )

and the fact that we can post publicly without getting on an FBI watch list is great

I'm almost jealous for this poster's naive optimism.


tuesday wrote

honestly if you aren't on a watch list what are you doing with your time?


Styx wrote

it's not ready for prime time yet

Here we go again. Communism is the WORST thing that ever happened to anarchism.

[I started voting after GW Bush]

Huh, so you started voting after the democratically unelected Supreme Court -- not your votes -- decided, against all available evidence, that Bush won. Hmm, certainly a curious reaction to this event.


cicada wrote

not ready for prime time yet

yet has existed for thousands of years

people would look at you like you were a serial killer

bring it back


ziq OP wrote (edited )

I don't even need to tell anyone I'm an anarchist to get that look. I guess I need to voot more so people like me.


catachresis wrote

You vote because you think it makes a difference, I vote because it makes me feel good. We are not the same.