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Styx wrote (edited )

I love how we are pretending that there are just these few rotten apples that are sexist, racist, queerphobic, etc., as if the ENTIRE HISTORY of anarchism, the present moment included, wasn't washed in bigotry. Just go to f/anarcha_feminism and see the zines I posted there. 99% of them discuss how bigotry breaks up any and every movement/group and how unavoidable sexism, racism and transphobia are within anarchist circles. I actually kind of gave up on posting there because every single text I come across tells the same story: We tried to do something anarchist and then bigotry prevented it from happening. Not to even bring up r/@ and how the discussion of bigotry goes down there every single fucking time. And raddle is not immune to this either, as I hope you all know.

But noo, let's just discuss Bob Black and Wolfi as if they were some exceptions in an otherwise squeaky clean circle. It's totally not because we have no good objections to what they are saying about socdems.

UGH! This shit pisses me off so much.