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tuesday wrote

i would be less bothered if there were marxists who love anarchists the way that some anarchists love marx. but I've never seen it.


CaptainACAB wrote

Cannot comprehend egoists

Literally goes against their self interest and causes themselves suffering for a reason they can't even be bothered to explain

Enlightenment values.

Not even once.


subrosa OP wrote

Idk, I'm so done with Marx. I'm not looking forward to yet another attempt at marxifying anarchism and redditors weaponizing it, probably what her book is going to be.

There's so many anarchist communists to rediscover and learn from, but no, "stan" the anti-anarchist asshole of socialism while shitting on egoists. Ugh.


ziq wrote

Why would a Marxist call themselves 'anarchopac'? I honestly don't get it. Either you like anarchy or you don't and Marx fucking hated it.