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veuzi wrote (edited )

I looked up the context to this and it's just a rant, completely unrelated to the post it's commenting to. Anyway good job Ziq on living rent-free in the head of NarcoCommunist


ziq OP wrote

It's the same kind of victim complex as settlers have when they panic about the white replacement. They're whining that postleftists are destroying reddit further up in the chain when postleftists are outnumbered by leftists 10000:1. Leftists won't tolerate any kind of minority position getting any kind of air.

I like how this community is openly leftist. r/Anarchism is full of people who try to completely revise history to say that anarchists aren't leftists.

"Full of people" = 2 or 3 raddlers who get dogpiled by 100 spiteful leftists every time they talk.