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moonlune wrote

There's a joke in leftist circles here that goes something like this:

  • Give a pen and a stack of paper to a ML and they'll write a manifesto,
  • give a pen and a stack of paper to a trotskyist and they'll write a newspaper,
  • Give a pen and a stack of paper to an anarchist and they'll write a library

roanoke9 wrote

No matter how much an anarchist writes they never write about a state being a good idea, so to an ML, for whom theory is all about statism would call any amount of anarchist writing light on theory. Imo any support for states is actively counterproductive.


Syzygy wrote

An issue I have with the weirdo praise of marxist theory is that so much of it is purely descriptive. Much anarchist theory at least encourages the reader to do something. Adorno moping that car doors and hosts at restaurants are fascist ain't really doing much. In the world or in people's lives. And even much of marxist theory that advocates one taking action, usually just falls into all these bogus situations, where one has to wait for the Right Time (as designated by those wonderful leaders) to do shit. Anarchy just says fuck it - go out and do what you need to when you need to. I feel like that's also why so many marxists are opposed to anarchy, since there's no proscribed program and the idea of failure is accepted whereas if they just keep waiting for the Right Time, they'll succeed for sure! A person who appears to be committing a mistake is doing something.


__0 wrote

As someone who has pretended to have read Althusser, (well read some, and had my friend who is a huge theory nerd give me a crash course) I would say hey, a lot of this stuff is more critique of the systems currently in place, a lot of it is worth engaging with if you don’t struggle reading it (I do), however just because theory is dense and academic doesn’t make it better, and certain things such as Deleuze is written in a pretty intentionally schizo style, if you want to take influence from reading theory that’s fine, but also engaging with people around you inside and outside your social circles is the best way to break out of any sort of echo chamber, relying on theory to try and define yourself instead of using theory as a stepping stone to praxis, and liberation from preconceived ideas and patterns of living superimposed upon us by the value systems that are the cornerstone of “western civ” … it’s pretty arrogant for marxists to dismiss anarchism based on the type of theory that they have read…


Fool wrote

Lukacs, Adorno, Gramsci or Althusser.

Better not tell them about Post-Anarchy...


107a wrote

Kinda true, but only because anarchist theory isn't written so it can only be understood by higher members of the cult


ekstremoj wrote

Los marxistas tienen mucha teoría, pero poca práctica.


tuesday OP wrote

marxistes y anarquistes están en una reunión y deciden hacer volantes para la próxima reunión. les marxistes abren sus calendarios y comienzan elegir una fecha.
les anarquistes preguntan "qué estás haciendo."
les marxistes dicen "estamos consiguiendo una fecha para el grupo de lectura."
"el grupo de lectura para qué? pensamos que haríamos los volantes ahora??"
"para los volantes! necesitamos estudiar el diseño de arte de Marx y tenemos que leer tres libros."

cómo imagino que son las reuniones con marxistes jajajaja