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deeppurplehazedream wrote (edited )

What I think they mean is: "I can’t explain it myself, but you don’t understand Marx like I do and if you did you’d agree with me and how I understand Marx." After 170+ years I don’t think you need to read Marx per se to get what Marxism is about. The analysis/critique of Capital is so well understood that even capitalists “accept” it- if only to refute it. This is more because it is a political ideology of certain actually existing States though.

Having said that, here are some Marxists I’ve read and like, sort of-some better than others: Theodor W. Adorno Bertolt Brecht Terry Eagleton Frantz Fannon Antonio Gramsci Che Guevara Frederick Jameson Georg Lukas Antonio Negri Paul Sweezy bell hooks

Many are academics. It’s their elitist politics that’s I can't agree wth. As a former very sad Raddler said: Take what you like, forget the rest. Or something like that.