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tuesday wrote

I have been typing and deleting comments since that post went up. There's just so much disinformation that I don't know how to even reply to it.

What do you do with this?


ziq OP wrote

Nothing. They'll badjacket you the moment you say anything that goes against the hive.


tuesday wrote

do not like.


ziq OP wrote

If they don't scapegoat anprims, they'll choose another group to sacrifice. At least anprims barely exist any more. Probably better their struggle sessions remain fixated on a fabricated bogeyman than something real (like indigenous anarchists).


ziq OP wrote

How can you be a left wing anprim? How can you be a right wing anprim? Anprims aren't either.


gone_to_croatan wrote (edited )

Because people think Ted Kaczinsky is Anprim, because they think anything rejecting technology is anprim. If they can't seem to understand post-left as a legitimate position, how can we expect them to surpass this dichotomy?

And for other side we can found many alt-right discourse that evolves a traditionalist view of the world, pretty much what the original Nazis wanted, rural life, and all this early 20th century naturism/naturalism medicine


moonlune wrote (edited )

Ted Kaczinsky

You mean Theodore John Kaczynski. We only use long words here! (makes us sound smart)


gone_to_croatan wrote

And for my despair, in one of social medial the algorithm is feeding me with these accounts with hyperborean Thule dudes, and at the end it's all Klaus Theweleit's Male Fantasies over again


gone_to_croatan wrote

And one documentary that really opened my mind to understand Nazi ideology, is the Architectcture of Destruction. They explain how they wanted to replace Marxist class struggle with a notion of health and dignity for the workers, mandatory hygiene, physical cult of the body, eugenics and continuous improvement of the health. It's a no brainer for a common 19th century European citizen.

See how vegetarianism, homeopathy and fringe naturopathics were so prominent


lettuceLeafer wrote

Edit: I took a lot of phenibut today which is kinda like benzos. Im prob just ranting incoherently about a point no one but I will understand. Haha I didn't think I was that high until I wrote this and was like. Holy Fuck, Im doing that supper drunk rant thing. Whoops. Have fun reading bc I might have said something interesting. Too high to tell tbh

Fuck u fuck u ziq. How dare u to want the honerable Americans like myself to live lives that don require at least several people from the third world to toil in the third world for our pleasure per person. See as an American I deserve need luxery goods thatake life nicer for me that most people don't even had a chance to access. Uhh I should get this privilege that most people don't get bc there just something intrinsically important about me and not the others. Don't ask me to specify what it is tho.

See I'm just a ignorant American who had absolutely no conception in the slightest about what life is like for the average human so an attack on my luxers that most people don't have is an attack on my life bc I'm so ignorant that I think these luxereries are indeed necessities that aren't from rged in other people's blood.


But yeah idk it's super weird bc I consider myself to know fuck all about what life is like outside of myself but most people even on raddle seem to have no fucking clue in any way whatsoever. Idk I seriously think most Americans just imagine everyone's life is just like what there's is in the imperial core.

I think graebers statement "we are the 99 percent" is very poinient of this. See in terms of buying power at this point minimum wage in most states puts u like in the top 10 percent of income earners with even the lowest position at Amazon will make u the one percent for most people.

But almost everyone online doesn't have this perspective so they consider their extremely privileged position as a minority position when on the world stage they are extremely privileged.

As with all positions of power and privilege when the oppressor is critiqued as an oppressor they dillude themself into thinking they are the victims. While the we are the 99 percent really should be we are the top 10 percent and they are the top .01 percent. But then if they do that the socialist retirees get pissed bc they look like the enemy bc they have a retirement plan. Do they go no no it's the fucking .001 percent like Jeff bexos who is really the problem .


I mean this is due to people on anarchist spaces often coddles and spoonfed so they don't have to realize hard truths about themself that they might not always be the victim and sometime sthey fuck a lot of people over and their objectively hard life is something many would kill for.

But this is of no accident it's a feature of anarchism post left or otherwise to just coddle the audience and then shit like this happens. If u wanna tell Americans over and over again that their works and the victims of capitalists over and over who are the poor victims when u then gotta exain to them that their lives are lavish and cause death and harm bc they are actually the 1 percent on the world stage u undermine ur own fucking points.

An excellent example of this is how people always coming when u talk about their behavior and how they can change. " I won't go vegan bc factory game exist, I won't reduce waste bc private jets, u know that kinds thing"

A myopic focus on an even bigger oppressor to coddle ur in group so u don't have the actually important Convo about how much their life causes harm and how powerful they really are. So much about anarchism convinces it's believer to be a victim and if ore their harm but doing whatabouism about millionaires and billionaires.

So to stay on topic this thread is of no surprise as I is caused by anarchist working class politics. Of course this is of no surprise bc Americans are coddles and not help accountable so they throw a fit when they have to be acountable and realize they hurt people.

A fault of bad philosophy and not holding people accountable from the get go to make them feel good and boost numbers. Almost everyone won't be fucking honest to themself and instead of ripping off the bandaid and getting over it they just put their blinders on an tease the bainsid every once and a while.

I have zero faith in people to be aucountable to themself about the harm they cause and thinking people will is silly. U might find a couple people who will who are valuable but most others are pretty sad in some ways. (if I'm friends / friendly with u I Inherently don't view u that way bc Im not nice to people I don't at least somewhat respect


Fool wrote

That poster reads like they don't know what they're talking about, just pretending to be something so they can be "proven wrong".