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belisarius9 wrote

I fucking hate the assertion that Star Trek level technology will save us. Even leaving aside the question of whether or not that tech is even possible, as well as whether or not that tech is possible in the next handful of years, there is no technology that's inherently utopian. Solarpunk is bright and optimistic because that's what the people who consume it want, not because it's some realistic conception of the future, or because it's some incorruptible conception of the future. I'd highly recommend the book The Water Knife to anyone interested in a cyberpunk story set in the solarpunk idea of the future.

People are allowed to like whatever they want, but utopian wish fulfillment sci fi is neither realistic nor good theory, unlike what some people seem to believe.


bloodrose wrote

Star Trek: TNG discussed warp drives destroying the environment in episode 9 of season 7, "Force of Nature" where eco-terrorists had to do terrorism to get the federation to listen to them.

Star Trek: Discovery had in its first season a discussion of dilithium mining when discussing the negatives of warp drives.

Star Trek's utopia absolutely relies on environmental damage done elsewhere.

Solar punk requires destroying environments for mining and keeping a class of people poor and destitute to do the mining.


Fool wrote

So in their mind, Green Anarchy is fiction?