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Potkea OP wrote

Reply to comment by Styx in *Sigh* by Potkea

We shouldn't be friends with State socialists, sure, but as Malatesta put it:

freedom is not possible without equality, and real anarchy cannot exist without solidarity, without socialism.

Anarchy (1891)

Besides, even if we were to cut all ties with socialism, we should still be there just to push back against state socialists.


ziq wrote

Socialism had so much potential in 1891. Shame about the next 130 years.


Styx wrote

r/badphilosophy, a shitposting subreddit, has a 'no learns' rule and the mods, when they give a crap (which they rarely do these days), will ban you if you try to have a serious philosophical discussion there. This stems from their realisation that it's impossible to have a nuanced conversation about philosophy on reddit -- they mod also all other major philosophical subreddits, so they've learned this the hard way.

Of course, this is not true at all times, but very close to it. So keep it in mind next time you get into these kinds of arguments. You are only going to grow more and more frustrated with your attempts to convert redditors to anarchism. Reddit is not the place to do it.