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Potkea OP wrote

He's a slur enjoyer, too.

Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t use the anarchist label much anymore because every time I log on this site the same small group of anarchists are discussing some unfathomably r**arded shit and it’s a bit disheartening


asterism wrote

I live for Vaush cringe.

Its like the horrible accident you don't really want to see but that you can't look away from.


ChaosAnarchy wrote

really there ought to be a text about YouTube/Twitch cult of personality because it's fucking damaging. It's just a form of authority argument ("BuT hE sAiD") which is absolute anti-anarchist.


MarxistKropotkinistVaush wrote

Vaush means Anarchism is self-government which means we all participate in governing ourselves with direct democracy and democratic municipalism.