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temporary_ wrote

Reply to comment by Fool in I Can't. by TheNerdyAnarchist

I think you shouldn't trick yourself into believing you can play such a role without getting corrupted by the structural pressure inherent to the system you'll become a part of. If you want to provide support to inmates you should simply do social work, although in some countries it has become nearly impossibile since the start of the pandemic and the restriction that came with it.

In any case, the cops patroling the streets are way worse than prison guards, I doubt anyone who tells you otherwise has ever studied prisons on a serious level or has spent a substial amount of time inside one. In countrie like mine, where the prison system is higly dysfunctional, guards have a very high suicide rate, nothing comparable to the one for the inmates, but way higher than the one for normal cops. Prisons are meant to hide the realities of our society from the minds of the common folk and the guards are part of the small group of people who can't ignore those realities, the results of this forced promiscuity in some cases are complex and ambiguous. Cops on the street just ruin your life and forget about the day after.