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ziq OP wrote

Crimethinc types are the leftcoms of anarchism. While ancoms are feeding the homeless, going on strike, and spreading class consciousness, they're wallowing about in their parents' multimillion dollar homes and philosophizing about how feeding the homeless is a hierarchy and working because your only other option is to starve makes you a liberal. I know we need unity or whatever but these people provide zero material benefit to anarchism whatsoever because they're against any sort of mutual aid or other action that improves anyone else's lives. I even prefer tankies to them because at least tankies are capable of being normal people you can be friends with aside from politics rather than constantly yelling about how touching grass is a spook. Rant over.


OdiousOutlaw wrote

tankies are capable of being normal people

"I've never actually communicated with another human being."


ziq OP wrote

Anyone saying prims and egoists dont leave the house are purely projecting. Like 75+% of ppl I know who are ideologically committed to bloc are some flavor of post-left. I mean shit even primmie and ego theory has been around longer around than any "ancom text" besides the conquest of bread, which they seem to have taken as their own, but that belongs to all anarchists, similar to how Capital belongs to all anti-capitalist. Most current ancom sentiments come from Bookchin, who literally stopped calling himself an anarchist because of egoists and prims running that shit back in the day. egoists and prims have a better foundation for making the arguement that ancom is a neoliberal recuperation of anarchism than the other way around. the meme is right; if you're an ancom you might as well just become ML(M) because that's the only way your vision of "anarchism" will be achieved. I just hope they call the police a Civil Protection Unit and the government a Peoples Council, or else it might be authoritarian!

Which is not even to say that I even have anything against marxists or ancoms, really, once we go outside and touch grass and build a better future. But if we wanna start terminally online shit flinging, then ancoms are trying to supplant a centuries old ideology when the seminal work for theirs just became a half a century old and most of them havent even read it


monday wrote

First, damn they are so annoying with this leninist lingo.

Second., Yeah, they are not trying to hide, just plain tankie posing as Anarchrists. leftcom is like they saying we are too left lol, like even for old hardcore communists there is a limit for how left you can go. F&ckin reactionary, if their revolution happened tomorrow they would be the ones shoutin for Order ™


ziq OP wrote

it's hilarious that they think leftcoms are the bad marxists