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raindropq wrote

Reply to comment by GlangSnorrisson in Eco-fascism? by CircleA

interesting. i wonder that i may be around some of these typos recently who think i'm a fascist. they have mentioned supporting the Democratic party and identifying within the "realm of anarchy". i think they are playing tricks on me and i have to play along as they are neighbors , collaborators on a common gardening project. they seem to be using their social-power against me , attempting to frame me as some kind of bigot, or just getting-off on insulting me


GlangSnorrisson wrote

I’m sorry to hear that. Sounds like they are being abusive.

I suspect any openly political space or project will attract these types.


raindropq wrote

it does feel abusive and it is confusing because i like and care about each of them. truth be told, i'm optimistic about these relationships , learning to practice patience and how/why to trust. i believe them they want to help and work together. gardening is good chance for communication