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ziq wrote

what the flying fuck


CaptainACAB wrote

I could lick a McDonald's toilet clean and not feel as sick as I did when I read this cursed tweet.


emma OP wrote

If you like this, you'll love her tweet where she asserts that "calling Palestine Israel" is "equally as offensive as misgendering a trans person".

The lady is fucking obsessed with juxtaposing the Israeli occupation with queer struggle.


Pop wrote

second time I've looked at it because the first time my brain blocked it out

I hope this isn't the beginning of an eternal loop

what if this isn't just the second time


celebratedrecluse wrote

this is really white shit right here

like pigeon shit. hawk shit. just pure caecum material


MC_Cookies wrote

yup, absolutely, no need to rethink colonialism and call israel out for their war crimes, just pretend none of that ever happened. look! it's a gay sitcom!

liberal identity politics are stupid because they ignore the root of every issue they claim to care about.