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ziq OP wrote (edited )

Here's an analysis of this tankie prop.

raddle bans MLs and is dead af. Even many anarchists online are uneasy with the admin.

They got all 3 of the usual smears out in the first sentence. "Raddle bans real communists" (bullshit btw, just ask /u/sudo or browseduringclass), "Raddle is dead" (those 3 words seem to quickly appear together whenever the word raddle is uttered anywhere) and the usual ziq is evil / a serial abuser / a psycho / a cia agent line.

a non sectarian reddit-clone is currently being developed by the r/chapotraphouse community from a 10k big discord server,

Here comes the sales pitch.

NON-SECTARIAN. Because if tankies have taught us anything, it's that you'll be banned for not being a tankie because not being a tankie is very sectarian.

It's "being developed by the community!" Like the tens of thousands of people who used that sub are somehow collectively involved in developing it, instead of a handful of tankie mods on discord who were laughed out of the old sub whenever they vocalized their third positionist political opinions.

the url for that future site is:

Big hammer and sickle. Very non-sectarian already.

it will be non sectarian

Gotta repeat "non sectarian" a few more times so everyone understands just how non-sectarian this tankie project is because tankies are so capable of not purging dissenters and have proven it again and again with every tankie-managed space in history that totally respects non-tankie views.

and bigger than raddle as soon as launch day

BIGGER THAN RADDLE AS SOON AS LAUNCH DAY. Because a site that doesn't even exist yet being put together by people who seemingly can't install software to a server has proven it's more successful than a 4 year old site that was made from scratch when reddit alternatives only consisted of literal reddit-fork voat and nothing else.

Somehow forgetting to mention that lemmy is so broken that it crashes if more than 100 users are online at the same time. But a site with 100 users is probably bigger than raddle's ever gonna get, so they've got us there I guess.

and part of a big "fediverse" a federation of similar reddit-clones built using that will be able to see each others content/interact with each other.

So those 100 users could come from a bunch of different sites if the federation actually worked, which it (wait for it), doesn't. Lemmy isn't federated, it just promises to be if they can figure out how.

RN a lot of MTC ppl left to the communist iteration of lemmy:

Throwing in a nice plug for what is really a front for: the fash lemmy dev trying to build his third positionist front.

A few fullcommunism and moremoretankiechapo are considering/going atm there.

Speaking for other people, because they know exactly what they're all thinking. Just part and parcel of the collectivist creed: "we think for you".