Made the mistake of talking to my boomer mother about the coronavirus

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She thinks the quarantines and lock-downs are an experiment in mass-control and limiting of free movement. That virus was made by vaccine companies to force everyone to get vaccinated in order to receive the right health papers to travel. That the vaccine will be released soon and everyone will be forced to get it. Then everyone will die from the cancer-causing vaccine because the illuminati want to depopulate the planet. Her evidence is that there's a rare disease laboratory somewhere near Wuhan, China.

She said the upcoming corona-vaccine law will be an extension of the current policies that force all children to be vaccinated in order to attend school, except it'll now encompass anyone that wants to cross a border.

She said there's no way the virus came from eating meat from wet markets because people have always eaten meat and if it were from meat all the animals would die.

I said why would rich boomers release a disease that predominantly kills boomers? She said there's already a secret vaccine for rich people so they're all protected, but Tom Hanks didn't get it because he's not in the illuminati.

Then she said I'm a sheep for not agreeing with her and for believing that the outbreak started in the meat markets and not in an illuminati lab.

I said you're not some kind of free thinker, you're just regurgitating boomer conspiracy theories you saw on facebook. She said she's not doing that, she looked at all the evidence and came to logical conclusions.



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soshillnetwork wrote

I don't understand how people don't think there's a touch of conspiracy or bullshit involved with this. I came back on Tor to try and find information relating to whats going on right now, but, to my dismay, it seems to be an extension of Reddit all the way across the board - only a few sites can I find people theorizing about what it's all about. These kinds of posts are really disappointing man, people are conforming more and more to this sort of bullshit. It's like everyone has the attention span of a goldfish anymore. What about H1N1, Zika, and Ebola? SARS, MERS, the avian bird flu? These never ending viruses that are claimed to be the biggest pandemic in history and potentially world ending disease yet- every single time, nothing happens. Except, massive amounts of money is moved around, and vaccines are pushed further.

Your mom is sort of right from my point of view. My mom feels sort of the same way, it's not just a boomer thing though. It has a lot more to do with experience over the years and seeing these things on tv over and over again with nothing to show for except fear.

Take note what year we are in, now read a PDF from the HHS called "2020 Adult Immunization Plan", you can find it just by doing a simple google search. It's a plan to get 85-90% of adults in the United States vaccinated by the end of the year 2020. So whats the chances that this virus suddenly arrives on the scene right at the start of 2020 and totally topples the stock market, forces everyone inside, makes them afraid of human contact, shuts down nearly everything globally (still in the works), and of course theyre already talking about vaccinations.

So, the plan isn't to murder the entire world, but, it is about, I believe, full spectrum dominance (militarily speaking). The new vaccine isn't even a traditional vaccine, it's a RNA Vaccine - which is a fake virus injected into, specially lab made that will send out messages to your cells, and your cells read it like mRNA and then has to act based on the message sent. So effectively, in their terms you could create more T-cells for someone with HIV or whatever, or induce an immune response to fight a virus. Conspiracy-wise, if they were to do this with malicious intent, they could cripple people very easily using an over-response from the immune system and trigger Guillane Barr Syndrome (however its spelled), or cause any other number of disorders. The fake virus lies dormant in your body and I believe can self-replicate, so effectively a man made virus lmao. Just depends on how its used - and based on US history with medical experimentation, I will not put my life in their hands.

Also, Walmart and Amazon along with many big corporations have been sitting on patents specifically for drones and home delivery. This seems cool on the surface but, ultimately it's a pretty bad thing. With everyone confined to their homes and afraid of human contact, especially now with the forced quarantines it could easily blow all the small businesses out of the water, and all that will be left eventually will be big corporations. Considering big corporations are never effected by this shit, only little people are - this would be a death blow. So, big corps can start using drones and autonomous ground vehicles, powered by military technology, to start delivering everything to peoples homes and no one will need to leave their homes anymore. I find it obvious but apparently not for everyone, this eventually will lead to a loss of freedom and liberty. Drones with cameras, 5G implemented nation-wide, no one leaving their home, all on the internet which is tracked 24/7 obvious (tor wont save you forever), this is creating a massive grid pinpointing everyone everywhere all of the time.

RealID is the other goal, realid was to be implemented by oct 2020, comes with a little star on it, kinda like concentration camp Juden stars to identify them. This national identity and as Trump had said himself - "Now is the time to begin voter identification, if you want to vote, you need an ID! If you want groceries, you're gonna need an ID! If you want to buy anything, you're gonna need an ID!" He wasn't lying, california is already pushing the real id & you need the ID to buy firearms and ammunition. Which is another goal.

Overall it plays into Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 - it isn't hard to find information on it, just go read the PDF. It's UN goal to drive everyone into small cities, get them out of cars, govern by climate fear, and effectively have - full spectrum dominance. They would absolutely have full spectrum dominance.

Really just ask yourself when a virus has ever caused everything to collapse. Especially when not many people have even seen or been effected by the virus.

Look up "clade x" on youtube, it was start in 2018 I believe, it was the outline of this entire narrative, what's unfolding right now in real life - acted out and put on youtube. Seriously watch it. How young are you guys have you never delved into these subjects? How can you not sense any bullshit at play here? The fucking 2020 adult immunzation plan is being fulfilled to a T right now, Pence pulled fucking quotes from it lmao. Dr fauci's entire purpose is to push vaccines on babies and pregnant women. They're all scum.


mofongo wrote

It's a shame, some people desire control and order that they'll believe anything than accept the world is chaotic and random.


SomeIconoclast wrote

My little brother doesn't even think it exists; he said it was all lies from the media to control people or some nonsense.

I can't tell if he's just fucking with me or not.


mofongo wrote

Distrust for media companies reached critical mass sometime ago; I'm not surprised some people have decided to not believe in things like this after years of click bating and sensational stories to drive views.


ziq OP wrote

My diabetic, heart-problem prone boomer dad similarly thinks it's no different than the common cold.


Bezotcovschina wrote

I think, it still a good move to try and reach your elderly relatives to inform them. Worth a try.


celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

Lol jfc

That said, i think covid-19 might be somebody's bioweapon. Wuhan is a huge biotech center, and a nexus of capital inflow from overseas. There's a total foreign investment value of $22.5 billion USD in hundreds of companies. It makes sense to me that one of them might have been a CIA front, then they release the virus hoping to fuck up central china, and then oops it spread pretty far, uh oh i guess it's disaster capitalism time. It also makes sense bc usa Trump, instead of villifying china for the disease, has been trying to minimize its impact. Kind of out of character for him imo.

Edit: his tone has changed entirely now, flipped basically opposite so idk. This is the weakest point i raised

The other major place that has been hit is Iran, which is equally interesting given decades of regime change attempts there.


mofongo wrote

Highly unlikely because high ranking officers in US and Brasil are likely infected, so definitely not USA or China.


celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

Why does this mean it is less likely a bioweapon?

I've seen cops blow tear gas on themselves, it happens more often than one might assume


onymous wrote (edited )

I'm skeptical of the vaccine part

(although I also hate how there seems to be this binary in discourse between vaccines-cause-defects-like-autism-and-gender-dysphoria and force-needle-stab-everyone, that completely neglects a consent-based approach considering how the conception of industrial "medical care" alienates you from your body and is forced on people in extremely violative and humiliating ways, unless you're, like, numb to it)

...but I feel like the rare disease lab part is plausible? Who even knows tho

edit: have since modified that last assessment


videl wrote

not nearly as bad of a take as i was expecting. thought it would be something like "arrest people with symptoms; force vaccine; etc."