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mofongo wrote

I used to ponder a lot about suicide, thinking of my own demise was reassuring, comforting. For many years I've had a geocities post saved on my computer with different ways to end it with a funny commentary to each of them. Eventually, I set up a date, now long gone.

What kept me going was 'One more day' and maybe do things a bit different. Things somewhat improved when I moved out, changed work and waited for things to pass. Until one day i realized that it has been a while since I thought about it, I also realized I didn't want to miss out on the years I have left.

Things change and sometimes they do us good. It may require effort, it may require patience or just being lazy about the whole thing.


ziq wrote

would the world be a better place without you in it?

I doubt it.


mofongo wrote (edited )

Also check out the rad mental wellbeing chat on matrix, not very active but we're here to listen,