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A lot of this is newer to me. I know I'm non binary at 41 years old. That's strange to say for me as I have spent my entire life thanks to my mother allowed to be be and dress however I wanted. She didn't have have words for me as my classmates and teachers called me a girl and genuinely thought I was their notion of such at times. But then got berated at home by my step dad and his friends and my cousins for the same things, but I still fought them and played that role. Me and my cousins would fist fight as 6 year Olds till one of our dads would notice. Pure toxic masculinity. I was just surviving engulfed in it. I never felt like I was apart of either side of all that. I remember mom trying to explain it all the best she could. But it still didn't make since to me because she thought of me as a boy. I don't put up with to much now but I live very much within my assignment. And this is the start to me being expressing myself as me. I'm a gender neutral machine that wants to feel your base of pretty and Handsome at the sa fucking time.



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ziq wrote

fuck yeah