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I am genuinely planning on either washing my clothes three times, then taking a lint roller to it before I pack clothes for college or just buying clothes from Goodwill. I don't know which one would be better. Waste the money at goodwill? Run three loads of laundry per color? I'll find out in early August.

We have two mastiffs. They shed all year. Short hairs that get in everything. My family is fairly bad at money all-around (can't talk that much since I once bought $20 worth of yarn before realizing I had the yarn I needed but in my defense, I won't let that go to waste, I don't buy more than I plan on using, and I also don't have bills yet), which is why we have two mastiffs.

There is fur in my bed linens/blankets. On all clothing that fur can stick to. In all my crochet materials. On all the beds, on the blankets and pillows, the carpet, the floor, all my socks, my hats and scarves and gloves, my chair, the kitchen, the dining room, the laundry room. It's everywhere. I love these dogs, but I am going absolutely fucking insane.

I am going to deep clean this godforsaken house before I move, and when I come back weekly to garden and do laundry I will most likely clean. I might borrow other people's clothes because I love my dogs and will want to pet them, but again, they shed 100% of all hours of the day and are Mastiffs. One is fat too, so more skin, more fur. One's English, one is probably an African mastiff of some sort and that's the fat one. They are huge.

I wish I could make them hyperallergenic or whatever it is when they don't shed. I would pay $1,000 for that.



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