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Hi so i have a serious question also something i need to get off my chest cause theres nobody out there i can tell this to. So i have an aunt my moms real sister who came from another country to come live with us about 15 years ago. I was little at the time and growing up i noticed she became very beautiful that i cant stop staring everytime i see her. Shes married 2 kids i would say shes happy. BUT heres the thing whenever she comes by to our house i notice she act a little bit xtra towards me namely come upstairs when they visit and give me a hug and say come downstairs your always in ur room. Another instance when i go to her house im at the door going in while giving a hug i didnt put my hands up she states “you can also hug me yunnp” not sexual way totally normal. And another instance while she was at our house and was leaving ahe was sitting beside me and while leaving stating ok goodnight guys she genty grazes my hand upon leaving. Thats all that stands out wierd to me anyone with any insight... i kno its probably wrong and can destroy a family but shes just so hot sometimes i think itll be worth it. If anyone wants to see a glimpse of her i dont mind :p. Just wanted to share feels good getting this off my chest kinda



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ToppingVirgil wrote

Seriously...get the thought of having sex with your aunt out of your head. And, based on the examples you have given here, I honestly don't think your aunt is sending any sexual signals your way. In time your all-consuming lust for your aunt will subside. Just wait it out.


Gr1mLogic OP wrote

Bro its not like the thoughts came by themselves if it happend to you, you would also think the same its the way the advances were made im not gonna sit here and boast oh she stares at family functions and what not no. Whatever i said is whatever happens but its more than weird to me