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ziq wrote

Leftcoms are the left wing of communism, while Marxist–Leninists and social democrats are the right wing of communism.

They're basically orthodox Marxists and see ML/MLMs as revisionists.

MLs and MLMs see Lenin, Stalin and Mao as being just as valuable as Marx/Engels, while leftcoms don't think Marxism needs any addendums.

They reject Lenin's state capitalism / state socialism and party vanguardism, as well as his democratic centralism (where decisions reached by voting processes are binding upon all members of the party).


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )

You and me both. I'm not sure there is one.


Splinglebot wrote

as far as I can tell left-communists are communists that are neither tankies nor anarchists, called that because they were considered to be to the left of lenin & the bolsheviks

beyond that I'm not really sure either