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BlackFlagged wrote

Libre software attracts libre people.


Defasher wrote

Exactly. We just saw what happens to open source projects under capitalism - reddit took all the code contributed by volunteers for years and said "thanks for all the free labour you shmucks, but we're closed now. Mmm profit."

FOSS and anticap go hand in hand.


josefStallman wrote

I thought that was the point of the website? I think the libre software stuff just so happens to have an overlap


zod wrote

Everyone is welcome here, they don't have to be anti-capitalism as long as they're not spreading bigotry.


zod wrote (edited )

We like sharing and mutual aid. It comes natural to humans.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

I'm guessing it's anticapitalist because it was made by anticapitalists in response to failings of capitalism, and draws people who understand those failings and want to participate in a space that tries to do better.


MarkVale wrote

i can't speak for all of us here but we're all Russian spambots. we're gonna get full communism back on the air, buddy!


ziq wrote (edited )

Capitalists don't want to be around anarchists, I guess. They don't like being made to question their worldview.


ArbitraryHuman wrote

"Why is so much of this website anti-capitalist?"

What the fuck did you expect?