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sudo wrote

Certain anarchists ran all the other communists off with their ceaseless antagonism.


ziq wrote (edited )



Lots of communists use this site still. Most of the users on every forum outside of f/shoplifting are communists

No one 'ran you off' by objecting to stalin, struggle sessions or the holodomor genocide.

You decided you didn't want to share a space with actual communists.

The multiple attempts to ban criticism of stalinism by a former mod of this forum were laughable.

Learn to coexist with others instead of trying to stamp out all dissent and deviation from your party line.

Authoritarianism is a bad trip.


martasultan wrote

I mean, communists can feel free to apply in /f/meta for moderation, though I don't see many self-described communists around here, you're right.