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ziq wrote (edited )

This forum is avoided because r/communism has trained us to avoid anything labelled 'communism' like the plague because the moment actual communists open their mouths, they get censored and banned by capitalists with thick mustaches.


gone wrote

I was actually very much interested in communism this time last yearish and I might be interested in the future. You don't scare me at all, anarcho-nihilism just makes more sense to describe my own private hell right now.

Please stay. If I had the power to have your back, I would. I do want to listen even though I simply cannot access that part of my brain at the present time.


sudo wrote

Certain anarchists ran all the other communists off with their ceaseless antagonism.


ziq wrote (edited )



Lots of communists use this site still. Most of the users on every forum outside of f/shoplifting are communists

No one 'ran you off' by objecting to stalin, struggle sessions or the holodomor genocide.

You decided you didn't want to share a space with actual communists.

The multiple attempts to ban criticism of stalinism by a former mod of this forum were laughable.

Learn to coexist with others instead of trying to stamp out all dissent and deviation from your party line.

Authoritarianism is a bad trip.


martasultan wrote

I mean, communists can feel free to apply in /f/meta for moderation, though I don't see many self-described communists around here, you're right.


RAN wrote

I'm subscribed to this forum because I believe in communism in the sense of the revolutionary socialism/Bolshevism of Lenin, Trotsky, the original Third International, and the effort to reforge a Fourth International.