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martasultan wrote

The Free Territories of Ukraine weren't exactly that great either. They existed only as a state in revolutionary Warfare, instead of as a revolution by themselves... these two examples came from warfare, and were upheld by warfare. Not by revolutionary vigor. Oppertunism was what it was, nothing more.

I just want to say, there isn't really a much better time to seize autonomy for yourself (e.g. modern Rojava) than when the government is pre-occupied with other foes, and often isn't very present in your region; I also note they were revolutions as well, having overthrown the local tentacles of the Directorate before being able to establish their own communes and councils in place, as the Ukrainian People's Republic had already government in the area.

Capitalism is global and a global revolution is unlikely to happen soon; the best choice is to be 'opportunist' if you wish to secure a land where you can be free of capitalism, because there's no better time thus far.