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gooey wrote (edited )

Not by revolutionary vigor. Oppertunism was what it was, nothing more.

Ah come on, what kind of argument is that. I said there that it was not perfect. Like how can you even expect perfect communism where capitalism encloses the entire planet, of course it will be tainted by some form of imperfection.

Bakunin was slightly misogynist, Marx mooched off of his friends, Kropotkin supported WW1 Germany.

Does that mean that we throw all their ideas in the trash?

Just pick out what is good and discard the rest, we know what communism is, and if we identify new forms of oppression then we act on it.

So they did their best what they could at the time. Women and LGBT were barely getting liberated, and most revolutionaries were white people with patriarchal tendencies.

Now we know that is bad, so in the past 60 years we have improved our ideology, but you can't blame them in the historical context they did their best.

Communism is not a thing that "happens". It is not a state of affairs.

Yes communism is a goal, it's a state of being in total harmony with nature. Did I claim otherwise?

His intellectual value is questionable at best, considering that his audience isn't the workers, but mostly students,

21 century Anarchism doesn't focus that much on the working class, because the industrial working class is alredy going away in automation. Instead we are trying to be more inclusive and work with groups that we can.

Students are always a good and energetic group that can help us progress society and be the future intellectuals.

Chosmky is not organizing a revolution but rather planting seeds of progressiveness and socialism in the next generation of capable intellectuals who will have the opportunity to be influential.

Plus he also wrote plenty of books that anyone can read and teach their own groups from.

Chomsky is more an indirect influencer, and his material is mostly aimed towards civil societies that look for social issues. He is not a labor activist obviously.

As I said, we want to abolish all forms of oppression, and Capitalism is just 1 of them. It's pretty hard to dismantle Capitalism so focusing on other forms of oppression might be easier.

Calling Chomsky the most Prominent Libertarian Socialist of the 20th century

Sorry, I mean the 2nd half of the 20th century.


martasultan wrote

Sorry, I mean the 2nd half of the 20th century.

What of Libertarians that actually acted upon it, like Apo? Or theorists that actually influenced things that have happened like Bookchin?


VulgarMarxist wrote

What I hear from you is that you think that the US should aim to become more like where I live, Denmark, because it's "better" Capitalism, right?

You are nothing but someone with loose ideas trying to fit your ideology into Bourgeoisie politics, instead of aiming to solve the problems of the Bourgeoisie systems, you embrace them.