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ziq wrote (edited )

There needs to be a hard push to expose tankies for the collectivist capitalists they are. It's really the worst things about capitalism combined with the worst things about socialism.

We're always hating on voluntaryists and refuse to give them a platform in our spaces, but accepting tankies as 'leftists' or even socialists is something that's taken for granted.

We even go out of our way to censor ourselves when we go to any space marked as 'communist' so as to not upset these strongman fetishists. It's ridiculous. They're capitalists that have hijacked the words 'communism', 'Marxism' and 'socialism' so they can use them against us. Same way Hitler did when he announced he was a 'national socialist'.

Why is one set of genocidal fascists masquarading as socs rejected while the other is tolerated?