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It has come to my attention that people on Raddle use the term "systemic oppression" without appearing to have any idea whatsoever as to what it signifies.

Specifically, read this section:

Institutionalized Oppression: Institutional Oppression occurs when established laws, customs, and practices systematically reflect and produce inequities based on one’s membership in targeted social identity groups. If oppressive consequences accrue to institutional laws, customs, or practices, the institution is oppressive whether or not the individuals maintaining those practices have oppressive intentions. Systemic Oppression: Similar to Institutionalized, however it specifically is enforced by the government, laws, and police.

Hope this helps. It's really not that complicated.

I hope to see less accusations of systemic oppression on Raddle if people actually understand what it means.

P.S: I don't think people are "dummies", it's just named after the famous book series. P.P.S: I haven't screened the website carefully for racism. It is possible it may contain some instances of it. Don't mind them, please, and focus on the definition.


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Tequila_Wolf admin wrote

Seriously? For someone who pretends to read this site you'd know people have dealt with your definitional points on a couple occasions.

You got your wish, enjoy the ban. Honestly, posting this shit in f/Communism is a sign of how little you know what you're engaging with. It doesn't take a lot of effort to understand, you just have to be willing to.