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gonnagetbanned OP wrote

"The change, which will take effect in JUNE 2018, was announced in a royal decree read live on state television and in a simultaneous media event in Washington. The decision highlights the damage that the ban on women driving has done to the kingdom’s international reputation and its hopes for a public relations benefit from the reform." According to NY Times. Women can't drive till June, buddy. You had one of the easiest fact checks in the world and you still fucked it up.

Also, there is absolutely no reason why I should treat one religion with more respect than another. I'm not talking about "Jews" or "Muslims"! My father was a Muslim! I don't judge people based on their religion. I'm just saying ISLAM, compared to ALL OTHER MAJOR MONOTHEISTIC RELIGIONS, has a much more pejorative view on WOMEN according to the KORAN (not current practices and/or thoughts/traditions). Obviously there is also misogyny in Christianism (I mentioned this in another post with priests) but women can drive and have their faces uncovered and work and be president etc etc etc in most countries with a majority Christian population and/or non-secular Christian nations (El Salvador, eg.)

I'm not talking about "groups", I'm talking about the institutions. I never mentioned individual people. I talked about ISLAM, JUDAISM and CHRISTIANITY. What is wrong with that?

Side note: It is not my opinion that Islam is inherently sexist. If you read the Koran, line by line, you will find plenty of extremely sexist mentions that, in many parts of the world, still hold true. That is a fact.


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gonnagetbanned OP wrote

Here's homework assignment:

Indonesia and Kyrgystan are secular nations where religion doesn't control the state therefore any information about them is irrelevant.

Turkey, which is mostly secular but not officially and where Islam is coming back by sharia, there has been only one female Prime Minister since the country's inception. And that was 20 years ago, so it seems to be getting worse.

In Pakistan, there has been one woman PM as well, and she was the daughter of the dictator in place before her, and was assassinated. LOL. She was elected again later, and suffered a coup d'etat in 1995 due to strong criticism. LOL.

I have to hand it to you, Bangladesh has had two women PMs, the same as the UK. However, Bangladesh is a "secular Islamic" state, which means it is not an islamic country either. But, it does have a majority muslim populations, so you were right in a sense. But it should be considered that their political system is based on the British one, according to many sources:

            "We don't practice Islamic Sharia laws in our court. We follow British 
              Indian laws. " - Anik Hassan, Quora

So in another sense your argument is invalidated by this.

As I have just shown, your homework assignment has done little good to your cause, sadly.