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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

You've said a few things lately that indicate you don't know (or don't know in much depth) how systemic oppression works - please have a look into that.

Having a problem with antisemitism and islamophobia is not the same as preventing criticism of the individuals/groups/institutions involved.


____deleted____ wrote

to be fair i dont know much overall im just generally a dumbass


sudo wrote

No no, I see what you're trying to do here. You're trying to deflect criticism against yourself by owning it. By ruthlessly deprecating yourself, you're trying to elicit a sympathetic response (something along the lines of "come now, there's no need to be so hard on yourself"). You're hoping that your opponent will take pity on you and try to comfort you, forgetting their criticisms in the process. Regardless of whether you actually think you're stupid or not, this is a manipulative tactic, and it shouldn't be used when a simple counter-argument would suffice.

I'm not trying to be unsympathetic - I think both you and the OP have made it clear that you are criticizing religions, not the people who believe in those religions. I understand the need to double-check criticisms of Judaism and Islam to ensure that they're not really racist sentiments against jews and muslims. But, I think you've shown that your criticisms aren't coming from a position of bigotry, so the continued reluctance to address these points is unnecessary. I understand that you're frustrated by this, but let's not resort to manipulation, yeah?


____deleted____ wrote

No, I just consistently call myself a dumbass, don't try to view it as manipulative- I've known a lot of manipulative people and would hate nothing more than to be one.

This is a consistent point I've pushed on Riot, Mastodon and other channels of communication (in reference to 'I'm a dumbass'). I can imagine it coming off such a way since I don't know you and assume vice versa is true, but I'm very consistent on this.

I want no pity and do not accept pity.

A counter-argument would not suffice because I have none; I don't know enough to make one, and generally often don't know enough to make arguments period. Over Riot I stressed a wish to get passed some resources to educate myself with, generally 'im a dumbass' is me just accepting defeat before going on to ask on easier forms of communication for ways to remedy that.

In conclusion, I am a dumbass, but I am very consistent about it.


gonnagetbanned OP wrote

You don't know what systemic oppression is either obviously! You're ignoring the definition I gave of it entirely, because you either had no idea what it meant or thought it meant something completely different. You can't criticize people for not following a term you don't understand.