Cybernetics - The missing link for a complete communist theory?

Submitted by ETERNAL_PRISONER in Communism

This post is aimed to all people, who are trying to develop a coherent theory, to establish the communist society. I've studied different leftist theories and it is my personal goal to understand, why many attempts of establishing the communist society had failed.

I'm currently reading F. Vester's "Neuland des Denkens" and I came to the following conclusion: I think that the marxist analysis of history and capitalism, is probably one of the most important tools for creating the new societal order. But when I look from a cybernetic perspective, I think that the marxist theory is only one variable beside many others. The marxist theory has a very rigid aim at economy. But I think, that society is a complex system, which can't be reduced to a single subject. In my personal view, the marxist theory is completely ignoring the psychological aspect. But there are surely many more subjects, which are interferring with each other and which we currently don't even pay attention to. Vester argues, that only open systems are able to survive. The problem with marxism I see is, that it claims to be a perfect system, therefore it is a closed one. Here we end up in a ideological dead end, which is inevitably negating the true scientific approach, to criticize and to modify.

All in all, this is only a fragment of my thoughts on this subject. I'm sure, that many people will disagree with me. But that is Ok for me, because I stopped to lock up my mind into a dogmatic theory. I'm interested in your own theoretical ideas. I think we can reach our goal, when we work together with a creative approach, instead of ruminating the words of dead people.


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jadedctrl wrote

In my personal view, the marxist theory is completely ignoring the psychological aspect.

Kind of— but that isn't a bad thing. There aren't psychological traits inherent in people that would make Communism impossible to obtain. They're merely ingrained into people by their environment. That's why there isn't a jump from Capitalism to Communism, or from Feudalism to Socialism. In Socialism, psychological traits that would clash with Communism would slowly disappear after generations— culminating in the establishment of Communism.

The problem with marxism I see is, that it claims to be a perfect system, therefore it is a closed one.

Perfect != Closed. And wouldn't Communism be, on a micro scale, many interactions between different communes and communities? Many open systems? It'd be no more closed than Capitalism.


AbbraKaDabbra wrote

This is probably the sharpest comment I've seen on raddle. I had another option for corruption management and that was a vote on execution of leadership once the term was completed. This would ward off electoral promises not being completed. If the community disapproves with the decision. Face a firing squad.

Cybernetics though excellent as a proposition has some obvious flaw that are not impossible to fix although quite a challenge to correct. Check the current situation with social media. Twitter, Facebook and youtube have basically taken charge as judges of morality while banning people for political beliefs of all types.

They are combating trolls and bots. We also don't know what their algorithms are doing either and how much are they pushing selected content? How to you police it and really should this be policed? maybe the solution is finding out ways and methods of out maneuvering them or embarrassing the bots and trolls and reduce them to a spam irritation.

Anyway a bit off topic, What I think I'm trying to say is that we need to constantly improve our ability to take responsibility over our own lives instead of letting some form of government dictate our rules, regulations and decisions. Cybernetics would be a tool but we need to master the internet first, then integration with safeguards against hacking would be ideal. (as long as you got a choice and it wasn't forced)