Funny Stuff, or Why It's Impossible to Block The Truth

Submitted by amazingidiocy in Communism

I realize I may have come across as not serious when I mentioned I would post this over and over again until I could get a reaction without being banned, and at least have the opportunity to have a civil conversation about my own beliefs compared to Raddle's as a whole. Well, here goes again. Blocking my IP won't stop me, nice try though. All I want is a civil discussion on Raddle without being blocked. That is truly all I want.


Before I start, I would like to mention that one of the points of this post is that if you block it, you lose. I have it copied and can create an infinite number of accounts, which would just give you more work. Please, just leave it on this website for all to see. I'm not losing anything as the poster from readers putting it down, but it's simply a waste of time, and a proof that my argument is correct, if it is.

Let us have a civilized discussion, where you can like or dislike this post, and comment your opinion, without reporting it. Because I'll just put it up again and again and again and again until we all get the message I'm trying to pass here.

I have been on Raddle for some time now, since I was directed here from r/Communism, and have grown to hate this community as a whole.

Yes, it has its strong points, and of course on an ideological perspective I agree with many of the points expressed on Raddle by its users.

However, the community as a whole is just simply toxic. Absolutely toxic. I have been banned already from countless accounts for little to no reason, because I was thought of as being a fascist "spy", or because I stated that all religions are not equal. These are not opinions, these are facts: if you keep on blocking facts and only listen to opinions, what is the point of the TRUTH?

Yeah, that was me. I'm the one who said Islam is worse than any other major religion (not counting Mormons or the Amish). But it's TRUE! YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM THE FACTS! We leftists are hyper-for women's rights, and have always been: it was Labour in the UK, and the Parti Socialiste in France, the PSOE in Spain and the Democrats in the USA which gave women the right to vote.

So why, when faced with the huge oppression women in countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or the UAE, don't Raddlers have the BALLS to express the fact that it is due to the religion these countries have in common that women are treated in such a backwards way there.

This form of American Liberalism is absolutely abhorrent. I am European. We already have many of the things leftists fight for in the USA, and it's great: a good Social Safety Net, universal healthcare, government-organised retirement...

So we Europeans realize that those are the fights worth fighting for in the USA. Not blocking my account because I said "balls" and someone feels their gender was assumed or some other bullshit like that.

American Liberals are soft. Just soft. I hate to criticize you like this on a website dedicated to following this movement, but it is just horrible. Not all left-wing Americans are weak and distasteful: look at Bill Maher, Bernie Sanders or Stephen Colbert. They stand by their opinions, they debate them in an articulate and objective way, without introducing emotions to the mix.

Although, it's important to say, you can do what you want: it's not my problem directly if leftism fails in America because a few people chose to make it a fight about gender identity, dysphoria, non-binary-ism or some other thing that offends them.

But when I get routinely blocked because I'm not the same kind of leftist as you folk, there's a problem. I've been to my fair share of protests, of manifestations, of strikes, of meetups and of party meetings. I have experience in this realm, and it wouldn't be the first time I spent time in jail for fights purely based on ideology.

And that's fine: these are my choices, and I live and abide by them.

But when some faux-leftist American comes to me and tells me my account has been blocked because he felt offended, or his feelings were hurt, or because I'm a FASCIST SPY, that's what makes me fucking mad.

My great-uncle was shot in front of his kids by fascists. My great grandfather led a corps to fight Fascists in the Spanish Civil War, and was killed on the front lines.

Do I feel offended? Of course I do. But I have reason to be. This is not some subjective fight about whether assuming someone's gender is insulting or not. This is my actual life. So when you block me, you're just taking a step backwards, and a big one, against your own movement.

The leftist movement was invented in Europe. It was popularized in Europe, and still is today. The US' Democrats are just a weak, center-right imitation of Europe's Labour Parties, which stood with workers, suffragettes and trade unionists from the very beginning.

My point is not that Americans should change their views. My point is, for the party which claims itself to be the "accepting" one, I have had much more ease of communication and freedom of speech, with no-one stopping me, in right-wing forums. And, believe me, I support the actions of US Antifa for the most part. I have a Riseup account, and I know many Antifa members in the USA whose actions I fully back: making it harder for fascist idiots to pass on their moronic arguments is exactly what the US needs at the moment.

But don't do the same for a leftist like you. Just because you disagree with him.

If you haven't blocked this post yet, I'd love to hear your opinion on this issue. Why do you think these are the ways things are done here? Why is the US different from other countries in terms of leftist movements? Can we rationally put an end to the irrational actions of a small part of leftists who make the entire movement lose face?

To reply to comments on the last time I posted this, I am not promoting Islamophobia: while I may refer to Islam as the worst religion in terms of women's rights (and it objectively is, no matter what you try to say), that doesn't mean I am more likely to hate a Muslim than a Christian. I don't believe in any of that "Christian values" bullshit, and am a proud atheist, having been brought up in a country where people of all religions surrounded me.

As for comments saying I am racist, please point me towards which part of my "rant" (I find it fair to call it this way, if you do) is racist. Islam is not a race. It is a religion. If I were to hate on Christians nobody would bat an eye. That is exactly my point.

Comments saying I undermine racial issues are wrong: I am not one of those "all lives matter" idiots who completely miss the point of the BLM movement, and I am proud not to have a single friend of the same country as me. As I mentioned before; multicultural society.

As for gender issues, of course I believe all people should be treated equally, no matter their gender or sexual orientation. That is the bare minimum we can and must provide all humans with. What I am trying to get across (rather inefficiently if I continue getting banned) is that leftists in the USA and some in Europe focus too much on these issues instead of fighting for class equality in terms of opportunity etc., which is in my opinion the principal and foremost aim of the socialist movement.

I'll be happy to respond to any of your thoughts and opinions on the matter in the comments, and all I am sincerely asking is that you let me publish this post without banning me or putting it down for it, or at least that you explain the reason to me before doing so, and that the reason is a valid one. All I sincerely want is to communicate with Raddlers about my opinions without being banned.


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ziq wrote

Banned again, how many is that now?

As if you didn't get enough feedback and downvotes from the community the last time you posted this entitled drivel.


GrimWillow wrote

My impression is that they honestly don't give a shit about discussion. They just want to give enough reason for you to ban them while claiming victimhood and corruption. They want it to get to the point that they post their inane garbage and some new user sees it, and before they get a chance to respond, it gets deleted; which ends in the new user feeling like the claim of persecution is legitimized. It's a good thing that I doubt any actual Anarchist would fall for their politically ignorant drivel.

Maybe I'll put the time into a copypasta response for this troll, it's not like it would be hard considering they name dropped fucking sell outs as upstanding "leftists" and the fact that most of their claims should be persecuted.


NeoliberalismKills wrote

Entitled is exactly right. Acting the bully and whining about being a victim. Pretty standard right wing bull.


zod wrote

All people should be treated equally

Unless they're Moslem, apparently. Then you get to attack them for not being as civilized as you.


Ant wrote



Pop wrote

I made it to

Not all left-wing Americans are weak and distasteful: look at Bill Maher

before my eyeroll prevented me from reading further


ziq wrote

Pft, everyone knows Maher is the full on reincarnation of Marx.


WhereIsMyFreeStuff wrote

You're only the second person this week to make a self-important post in hopes of changing raddle to fit your warped idea of leftism.

Stop holding us hostage to your views, no one wants to hear them!



I actually don't understand what the problem here is. You have been banned, just for having a slightly different opinion than most people here?