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Great and short succinct video going over some of the key components of the revolution.

For instance he goes over the Kornilov affair where the provisional government tried to enlist a military general called Kornilov in August to murder and imprison the soviet councils and bolsheviks.

Only Kornilov was supported by the black Hundreds who were a fascist group and he intended to overthrow the provisional government and reinstitute dictatorship.

It was only the organisation of the bolsheviks (who Kerensky then called on to fighr Kornilov and the black hundreds) that stopped fascism coming to russia.

A lot of bad history is peddled around that the provisional government would have gone down the social democratic route whereas history shows the provisional government had no intention of ending world war 1 and were it not for the bolsheviks they'd have been overthrown in August by the Black Hundred and Kornilov.



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