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Here's what Communist America will give us:

Jan 6ers → gulag Climate Perpetrators → gulag Pharma Billionaires → gulag Trump, et al → gulag

Democrats won't make that promise, because they suck ass. A communist party will.

This is why I became commie-pilled. There is no capitalism without growth. Ergo capitalism is incompatible with the effort to contain the scale of the extinction crisis.



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Fool wrote

How about an Egoist Communist Party?

No gulags, just parties 🎉


TributesCom OP wrote

The Climate Perpetrators have enough parties as it is.


Fool wrote

So no communist parties then?


I'll go create a Union then...

of Egoists

lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

Why critique communism when communists can critique communism for u?

To be clear the question is rhetorical bc I'm making fun of u


TributesCom OP wrote

Ever read Atlas Shrugged 2, where John Galt dies from Hydrogen Sulfide poisoning inside his own septic tank because all the geniuses in Geniustown were above that kind of work?