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The Taliban have the support of the people and that's for real all we need to know to offer them our full solidarity but whats even more based than that is the Taliban have vowed they'll never let any foreign entity use their country to launch attacks against any state or person, they have promised to rule fairly, to maintain security and to further the rights of womenfolk. You can't let the MSM trick you into thinking America's defeat is in any way a bad thing for the Afghanis. It's only bad for international capitalism. This is the best news the fight against imperialism has had for 2+ decades, we should all be rejoicing that the people of Afghanistan have taken back control of their country and kicked the imperialist pig Biden out with his tail between his legs. Now the people are free to choose their own path, even communism.



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cyberrose wrote (edited )

think you wanted to post this in /f/memer


Fool wrote

Yes, the Taliban love Communism, that's totally what they want.



another_i wrote

This is like saying Germany was better off under the Nazis because they were "socialists". The Taliban is a fundamentalist ideology, full stop.


BadEmpanada wrote

This whole "critical support for the taliban" shit is getting exhausting at this point.


AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

User name checks. But be aware that the Taliban would gladly murder commies just like their predecessors did back in the '80s, as they are Infidels to them. Sorry!


ILLA_Europe wrote

I don't think the Taliban are good for leftism because they're anti-democracy. If they rule without democracy, how can they be for the people?