Submitted by CPUSA in Communism

Solidarity Statement with Belarus

Communist Party, USA

The CPUSA extends solidarity and support to the Communist Party of Belarus in these most difficult times.

It is increasingly obvious with each day that reaction to the democratic elections in Belarus is nothing more than a ruse to extend US/EU/NATO influence and the overall forces of global imperialism.

Belarus enjoys a massive public sector economy which is increasingly appetizing for capitalist interests to divide and privatize.

NATO should not force its military block on the people of Belarus and use Belarus to “contain” Russia. This is harmful to world peace.

Efforts to dismantle the public sector economy and the benefits many Belarusian workers and people enjoy, as preservation from soviet policy, must be vehemently opposed.

CPUSA condemns United States actions in funding and supporting far right opposition groups through the use of the US National Endowment for Democracy and Radio Liberty. We also strongly opposed Imperialist actions that aim to destabilize Belarus.

Belarusian internal affairs should not be tampered with by outside forces, including the use of sanctions by the US and the European Union.

CPUSA supports peaceful dialog, international working class solidarity and opposes external influence and pressure on Belarus.



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