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Think it will be kind of spammy if there was a bot like that? I'd really love to see rad comic artists be featured here...I'll at least collect some domains to add to the sidebar if I don't end up putting it together.

If you like the idea, can you recommend some rad web-comic websites for me to include?

So far I'm thinking:

and maybe this one:



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ziq wrote

Sounds good.


md_ wrote

Because I browse /all/new, any high volume posting is making the experience frustrating (eg the MEGA links for a while were very annoying).


GrimWillow OP wrote

Webcomics are usually a once a week kind of posting, so maybe I can limit which domains are featured until Raddle has higher content volume overall, but I think that a few featured wouldn't be too intense. I also browse /all/new so I know what you mean. Though I found the megalinks stuff more annoying because while piracy is nice, I didn't care for most of the content.


md_ wrote

Yeah, that's why I didn't phrase it as an objection outright. I will live with it if it comes to pass.

But generally, I don't see the point of bots and automatic posting. We have RSS for that. I follow webcomics over RSS, and if I see a strip that's worth sharing, I share.


sudo wrote

I like this idea. It's not a radical web comic, but is usually pretty funny, so I'd include that one. Maybe as well.