Fashion as resistance

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I was talking with a friend earlier about whether or not it makes sense to avoid wearing clothing that some people might associate with hate groups (ie.doc martens, red baseball cap, straight laces, shaved head, hooded robes etc...)

For example, I'm inclined to avoid any association with hate groups, even if it means packing away my RHEL red baseball cap because the sight of a red baseball cap frightens me and may cause unnecessary discomfort in others who are also wary of or frightened by DT supporters.

I was perturbed by the idea that oppressing myself may accidentally give those hate groups agency by being recognized for having certain attributes. I'm not certain how much I buy into this idea that I should just wear the thing regardless of who it delights or offends, but I can understand this argument I suppose.

I'm not certain of how much importance this topic is to me, but I'm curious of what other opinions there might be on the matter.



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zer0crash wrote

Culture War.

The left is prone to resignation, abandoning anything the opposition may try to appropriate as theirs. This helps the enemy claim cultural territory, and we in turn reinforce it by calling it a fashy haircut etc. Remember Trash Dove? Haha Reacts? Those were contested territories of symbols that are not inherently fascist, but were being coopted by them. In some instances we were able to reclaim certain territories.

So, it should become a tactic in our toolbox, to claim or re-claim cultural territories, as well. There are limits to this of course (ie swastika).