Fun article about noordinaryspider's FAVE footware :D express.co.uk

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And you thought it was going to be an ugly old pair of lace-up oxfords with arch supports. ;)

When I was a cute young chick of 46, we used to make or buy or trade or collect these cute little girly things called "barefoot sandals" and they totally worked!

https://xeroshoes.com/sandals/barefoot/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLEv03RTYR4 https://embroiderybytm.store/collections/barefoot-sandals

An even more badass Warrior Woman of my acquaintance just went to the thrift store and then pulled out her chainsaw or something to cut the soles off so she could feel the coolness of the tile in the stupid market while she gathered roots and berries and top ramen for her young.

hth somebody and doesn't kick anyone's bruises


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