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tabby wrote

From a peak in 1995, Tie sales have dwindled from $1.8 billion to a projected $650M in 2019. Casual work environments continue to cut into sales of suits, ties, and dress suits. The entire apparel category has seen its share of disposable income fall from ~6% to 3%. Dressing up has gone out of style.

At the same time, income growth for the average worker hasn’t moved in three decades. 30-year-olds of today are worst off than when their parents were 30. Could these two trends be intertwined? From interviews, negotiations, promotions, confidence, thought process, and testosterone levels, multiple research studies have concluded careers are directly affected by how well we dress. And recent trends in relaxed workplace attire haven’t helped the income anemic careers of millennials.

Really? Blaming workers for depressed wages because they don't dress nice enough? This might be the most bourgeois take I've ever encountered.