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Cheeks wrote

From experience, as a farmer, I can attest to this. The summer has been hotter than usual with the heat index being around 8 to 10 degrees above normal. We've had so much rain that there hasn't been an operational farm within 100s of miles for the past 2 and a half months. Normally we can grow eggplant, okra, and peppers throughout the hotter months as long as they are established by late spring. This past winter we had 2 consistent weeks of freezing which the year before it was three light frost days spread out over 2 months and its just getting worse year by year.

Have you had similar growing experiences lately, ziq?


ziq OP wrote (edited )

Yup. A lot of my fruit just cooked on the trees, and my grapes were empty husks for the most part. Tomatoes all succumbed to blight a month ago. Chilli peppers are doing ok. Cactus fruits are doing bumper crops.

No frost this winter tho. And no rain for months.


mofongo wrote

So, no more hurricane season? Thanks capitalism, now I have to fear and have stock up food year round.