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bloodrose wrote

I had a very depressing conversation with my child recently. I was telling her how when we were her age, we were allowed to walk further and play outside more than her friends are. We were lamenting that she didn't get to just walk outside to find friends to play with like we did growing up (she's free to play outside when she wants but neighbor kids don't have that luxury). She asked us "What about during smoke season?" and we had to sadly inform her that there was no smoke season when we were kids. She's just grown up with the smoke and just is like "oh smokey days, we play inside." It's like rainy days. :(


existential1 OP wrote

Yeah, there are a lot of places that are going to have to deal with this that aren't used to it. Where I grew up, we did have fire season, but it was usually brief and "not that bad." But it's gotten worse every year for as long as I can remember. It used to be just "don't play outside this evening", then it became, "dad can't come home because he's stuck on the other side of the freeway that's closed." Now, it's "evacuate and hope the fire folks save your house."