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Surface water temperatures have gotten quite hot at Lake Erie. June 30 surface temperatures

All lakes except for Superior are quite warm as of end 6/30/2020.

Some locations have warmed up over 10 degrees in the past week. Of the major cities, the biggest jump in water temperatures I found was near Chicago, with a 16.2 degree rise in water temperatures. There was an upwelling of cold water being pulled to the surface last week. Once the upwelling stopped, the sunshine warming began. Chicago’s water temperature warmed from in the mid-40s to the low-60s.

South Haven water has warmed up 15.3 degrees this week. Petoskey has warmed up 10.1 degrees [....]

Look at the amazing surface water temperature forecast now through July 7, 2020. All of the lakes should warm several degrees just over the next few days. Most of Lake Erie will warm to over 80 degrees in the next few days. Some shoreline areas of southern Lake Michigan could approach 80 degree water temperatures.

80F water temperature well exceeds the records of water temperature observed in recorded history (over 90 years). This displaces a recorded high of 73F and more resembles water we might normally see in August:

Now with this record set on June 30 it will be interesting to see what August holds for Great Lakes water temperatures.



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