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Dumai wrote (edited )

i forgot that they actually did mention (religious/mystical) jewish anarchism it in the introduction!

admittedly the only concrete example they used was... martin buber's interest in the kibbutz movement, which is uh, pretty meagre, and far from a good example in and of itself

apparently they'd have welcomed a chapter on religious jewish anarchist thought but nobody submitted one. it's still kind of an upsetting omission, i agree


Pop OP wrote

All your recommendations make me sad for how I know they'll be cool but how they just won't be read because they don't come close to fitting into my life trajectory

basically I'll only be able to engage with this stuff insofar as you type it out here




Dumai wrote (edited )

this passage quite neatly summarises everything i love and everything i hate about st. paul

if you want a fascinating work of jewish scholarship on pauline theology that reads the epistles through this quote, read a radical jew: paul and the politics of identity by daniel boyarin


n_n OP wrote

The Roman Catholic Church is rooted in tradition and hierarchy. Jerry Harp, chair of St. Francis’ pastoral council, is struggling to understand how he relates to this structure of authority. It was this hierarchy that was roiling his parish.

Harp considers himself a devout Catholic. He starts every morning with mediation and prayer and prays the Hail Mary at least once a day. He tries to attend Mass every Sunday. When he was in his 20s, he said he wanted to follow every rule he could. Now he questions how those rules bring him closer to God.

"Some would say 'Well you have to relate to the authority structure by following them to the letter,'" Harp said. "Well how do you know that? It's perfectly legitimate for other people to have other answers." Long-time parishioners knew the answer. They didn’t like being told how to worship. This was their church.


Lucifer OP wrote

I find them all to ring true; I mean even with respect to the crucifixion he wasn't the only person the Roman Empire sentenced to that fate, and he wasn't the only person they did that to who claimed to be God.

So why him, out of all the people who were similarly crucified? It just doesn't follow.


conseil wrote

  1. Sure, death sucks, but why single out this one? Lots of people die. In fact, lots died from crucifixion. The death of one man doesn’t make all the others insignificant. Was Jesus not a man but actually a god? If so, that fact has yet to be shown.

Even if he weren't a god, he served as a martyr executed by an empire for a large amount of followers. That should... seem like it means something. These points all feel like just desperately trying to make Cool Anti-Christian Content out of things that weren't addressed, mainly out of virtue of not being worth addressing.


Lucifer OP wrote

I hope you guys don't think I posted this just to be a jerk.

I figured maybe in this forum I'd meet Christians who did take Christianity more seriously and would react with something other than blind hostility for having their beliefs challenged.

But if you want to take offense, don't let me get in your way!